Message from President

We create the future of foods meeting the demands of the times with reliable quality.

Since its founding in 1923 (Taisho 12) , Tominaga Boeki has been keeping stead progress going through the hardships of the times, with trading business shown as the company name ("boeki" means "trading" in Japanese).

I am confident that putting-customer's-trust-first motto and our efforts with all our hearts to create continuous partnerships through our business are the ground for today's Tominaga Boeki.

Furthermore, by taking full advantage of our know-how and networks cultivated by the over 90 years of history, we have been growing up to the company engage in product development, manufacturing, and distribution, standing near upper and lower of "foods" distribution. We have been offered our customers the new value by freely coodinating our abilities with their needs.

In addition, I hope each employee who work in Tominaga Boeki that along with making full use of our management resources, they acquire the ability to getting the essential value : "What's the customer's needs?" and thinking out how to achieve instead of giving up. Those aggressive minds will open up Tominaga Boeki's future.

Surroundings around our business will change more rapidly than nowadays. We need to adjust ourselves to more diversified and more advanced needs. It will be the most important mission for us to not only expanding our business over the limit of trading business, but also continuing products with reliable quality supported by well-trusted and safety.

Please look forward to seeing us all : Tominaga Boeki's growth pushing forward to new trading company style.

Shohei Tominaga